Will Ted Cruz announce presidential bid Monday at Liberty U?

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The topic of Sen. Ted Cruz’s speech Monday morning at Liberty University remained mysterious on Saturday.

Campaign aides continued urging reporters to attend, calling it an “important” speech. But they still declined either to shoot down or confirm speculation that Cruz will use the appearance to announce a presidential exploratory committee, or even to formally launch his 2016 campaign.

Such a move would preempt a number of rivals in the crowded GOP field – in particular, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, who reportedly plans an announcement in Louisville on April 7, during a two-week Senate recess.


Ted Cruz: ‘Reality’ is that GOP helps ‘hurting’ people and Democrats are party of ‘the top 1 percent’

Mr. Cruz can clearly make ridiculous statements with a straight face, knowing full-well that today’s “journalists” will not challenge him.  Does Cruz really think that the Democrats are the party of the billionaires and not the Republicans?

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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) suggested on Sunday that Democrats will lose the 2016 presidential race because they are the party of the “top 1 percent,” and that Republicans are the party of “hard working” people.

During an interview with ABC News, host George Stephanopolous pointed out to Cruz that the U.S. economy had created over a million jobs in the last three months, setting a 17-year record.  [Click here to see video of this astounding interview]

“What does that do to your party’s strategy going forward into 2016?” Stephanopolous wondered, adding that GOP economic advisor Kevin Hassett even argued that Hillary Clinton could run on the slogan: “Republicans gave us a crappy economy twice and we fixed it twice.”

“Look, if Hillary Clinton wants to run by telling Americans that the economy is doing great and that you can credit President Obama and Hillary Clinton for that, I would encourage her to follow that strategy,” Cruz replied. “Because the simple reality is that’s true for the wealthy.”


“The top 1 percent under President Obama, the millionaires and billionaires that he constantly demagogues, earn a higher share of our income than any year since 1928,” he continued. “Those with power and influence, who walk the corridors of power of the Obama administration, have gotten fat and happy under big government.”

“But I’ll tell you, hard working men and women across America are hurting.”


Fact check: GOP responses to State of the Union

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There were multiple official and unofficial Republican responses to President Obama’s State of the Union Address, but only a few instances of the president’s critics stretching the facts:

• Sen. Ted Cruz falsely claimed that “not a word was said about radical Islamic terrorism.” In fact, Obama vowed to combat “violent extremism” and asked for congressional authority to use force against the Islamic State.

• Cruz also said Obama “could not bring himself even to bring” up the president’s executive action on immigration. But he did. Obama said he would veto legislation that attempt to undo it.