Ted Cruz Comes to Florida to Attack Jeb Bush on Common Core

Ted Cruz is clearly going to take advantage of moderate, main stream positions held by Jeb Bush, such as his support of Common Core educational curriculum, which would be fine in a General Election but which is for some reason anathema to ardent, right wing conservatives.

Click here to read the full February 22, 2015 column from the Sunshine States News, quoted in part below:

Ted Cruz came to Jacksonville Friday night and called out Jeb Bush on Common Core.

More so than most of the other Republicans testing the waters for 2016, Cruz has taken shots at Bush over Common Core. But this time Cruz fired away at Bush in his own backyard.

Ted and Jeb

Cruz said he and Bush had “significant policy disagreements” on Common Core and would not weigh in if the former Florida governor was a conservative, saying that was something voters had to decide for themselves. Of course, Cruz also touched on other topics — repeal Obamacare, get rid of the IRS — but Common Core is increasingly in his sights.

Bush has more than his share of vulnerabilities in the primary, including immigration and his last name, but Common Core is the main chink in his armor. It’s an issue that will hurt Bush badly with conservatives and Republican primary voters.