The guy who made Ted Cruz into a ripped, tattooed smoker

A LA street artist who created the image of a tattoo covered, smoking Ted Cruz explains his art as he cashes in a CPAC.

Click here to read the full February 27, 2017 blog from The Washington Post, quoted in part below.

The artist, who calls himself Sabo, made the image after learning that Cruz was going to be attending an event in the city. Sabo says he felt as though his right-leaning views were under attack in Los Angeles, and was intrigued by Cruz. Inspired by a friend who superimposed tattoos onto depictions of Marilyn Monroe’s body, he created the image and plastered it around his city.

Tatt Cruz

“I heard Ted Cruz was coming to town, and he’s always someone that kind of pissed off the establishment in Washington and I thought ‘he’s kind of a badass…” Sabo said. “He doesn’t look it, but it’s like, I kind of like this guy. And it’s not like me to like a politician.”

Instead, the artist said he would prefer to “punch politicians than to praise them.”

Despite this self-described predilection, Sabo has gotten a warm reception from elected representatives. Cruz embraced the image last year, and mentioned it during two sets of remarks at the conference Thursday. He pointed out the “eight pack” that Sabo gave him, and said the only thing was wrong with the picture is that he doesn’t smoke.

Ted Cruz, Superhero

This is an excerpt from an article in

From the folks who brought you We Shall Never Forget 9/11: The Kids’ Book of Freedom, comes Ted Saves America, a do-it-yourself encomium to likely GOP presidential contender Sen. Ted Cruz. The eight-page supplement is a follow-on to last year’s Ted Cruz to the Future, also published by Really Big Coloring Books, Inc., which featured Cruz surrounded by butterflies shooting finger guns at a (presumably grafted) tree with trunks labeled “U.S. Constitution” and “Ten Commandments.”

In this election-oriented update, the heroic Texas senator battles giant serpents representing the forces of “Obamacare,” “High Taxes,” “Illegal Immigration,” “Injustice,” and “Lawlessness” without even mussing his Reaganesque mini-pompadour. He also soars on the back of an eagle and gives a thumbs-up as he strides confidently across the White House lawn.