Ted Cruz introduces bill to leave marriage to the states

Ted Cruz is a constitutional scholar, so he should know that a law passed by Congress cannot overrule the anticipated U.S. Supreme Court decision on whether banning same-sex marriages violates the Equal Protection clause of the Constitution.  Cruz is also a brilliant politician and he knows how to grab media attention and pander to the homo-hating GOP base, and so he makes this splash for a day in the news by introducing a bill that cannot become law or even do what he says it will do.

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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is calling on his colleagues to pass a bill that would make same sex marriage a state issue.

Cruz, along with 11 other Republican senators, re-introduced the State Marriage Defense Act on Tuesday, which aims to allow states to adopt their own definitions of marriage and would block the federal government from applying its own definition of marriage onto states.

“Even though the Supreme Court made clear in United States v. Windsor that the federal government should defer to state ‘choices about who may be married,’ the Obama Administration has disregarded state marriage laws enacted by democratically-elected legislatures to uphold traditional marriage,” Cruz said in a press release.

He added, “I support traditional marriage and we should reject attempts by the Obama Administration to force same-sex marriage on all 50 states. The State Marriage Defense Act helps safeguard the ability of states to preserve traditional marriage for their citizens.”

The bill would force federal government to rely on state law to determine whether couples are considered to be married for the purposes for federal law.


Rand Paul and Ted Cruz Join Forces Against the Fed

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Senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz might end up running against each other for the Republican presidential nomination, but they can agree on one thing: their distrust of the Federal Reserve.

On Wednesday, the two Republican senators introduced the Federal Reserve Transparency Act which Mr. Paul has been pushing for some time.

Republicans have questioned the Fed’s moves to stimulate the economy since the financial crisis, arguing that the expansion of its balance sheet will create economic instability. In 2011, Gov. Rick Perry called the Fed’s monetary policies potentially “treasonous” and said that Ben S. Bernanke, the Fed chairman at the time, would be in for “ugly” treatment if he visited Texas.

“Enough is enough,” Mr. Cruz said in a statement. “The Federal Reserve needs to fully open its books so Congress and the American people can see what has been going on.”

Ted Cruz: Keep Americans who fight with terrorist groups out of America

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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on Friday announced the reintroduction of legislation that would prevent any American from returning home to the U.S. if they leave the country to fight with a terrorist organization.

His legislation, the Expatriate Terrorist Act, is a response to some instances in which Americans have left to support these groups, and then were allowed to return home. Cruz and other Republicans pushed for similar legislation last year, but the Republican-led House and Senate gives the bill a much better chance of passing Congress this year.