The Truth Behind Ted Cruz’s Lies The junior senator from Texas is running for president. Here’s why his lies matter.

At some point, if Cruz starts to move up in the polls, the media and his Republican opponents will start to focus on Senator Cruz’s propensity to not tell the truth, which makes the title of his new book, “A time for Truth,” more than a little ironic.

Click here to read a very unfriendly (but mostly accurate) article of March 22, 2015 from The Daily Beast, quoted in part below.

This month, Cruz released a short video that’s the best evidence yet for what a Cruz presidential campaign might be like. It’s called “A Time for Truth,” and the title has to be intentional irony.

Cruz’s Politifact track record for publicly-asserted falsehoods is the second-highest among front-runners, totaling 56 percent of all statements they’ve looked at. The only other leading contender with a higher rating is Ben Carson, who has a 100 percent “pants on fire” history, the result mainly of his brief time in the national spotlight and only having given Politifact one assertion to check—that people choose to be gay. (The investigative process on verifying that claim could have been entertaining, had Carson taken up Dan Savage’s invitation to take a very personal version of the Pepsi Challenge. Politifact chose a less experiential approach.)

It’s not just Cruz’s habit of embellishment that makes the video’s title more wish-fulfillment than description. One would expect a video entitled “A Time for Truth” to contain, you know, truth. Or calls to speak the truth, at the very least. Cruz’s infomercial, on the other hand, is simply a collection of Cruz clips wherein he apparently confuses speaking the truth with speaking very dramatically and forcefully. It is the Ugly American approach to foreign language in moral form.

Watch as Cruz loudly proclaims he will stand up for various things! He also asks for others to stand up for things! It’s a tic in the vernacular of the evangelical subculture Cruz hails from to think of extravagantly passionate sincerity as evidence of honesty and probity. So perhaps Cruz’s substitution of one for the other is not an intentional bait-and-switch.

Let’s indulge a thought experiment: What if, in all those cases where Cruz’s passionate sincerity has been found to be trustworthy, he meant what he said at the time?

We take it for granted that politicians lie to gain votes, to make themselves more appealing, or to make someone else look bad. But what if Cruz wasn’t craven, but instead as sincere as he sounds. What would that mean?

Cruz isn’t just looking at different data, he’s living in a different universe.

There are objective falsehoods that show Cruz could just be looking at a different set of data. Other, more telling whoppers show that Cruz isn’t just looking at different data, he’s living in a different universe.

Book by Sen. Ted Cruz to be Published June 30

Cruz plans to publish a book this summer with the daring and highly ironic title of “A Time for Truth.”  Click here to pre-order the book at

Cruz - a time for truth

The following is a partial quote from an Associated Press article of March 5, 2015:

Sen. Ted Cruz’s book, “A Time for Truth: Reigniting the Miracle of America,” is coming out this summer.

HarperCollins Publishers told The Associated Press on Thursday that it has set a June 30 release date for the book, for which Cruz reached a reported seven-figure deal last year. Cruz, a first-term Texas Republican considering a presidential run in 2016, said in a recent telephone interview that in a time of “extraordinary challenges” he wants to tell his story and share his message of free markets and constitutional liberties.

“Men and women are frustrated with career politicians in both parties who are not listening to them,” Cruz told the AP, adding that the themes of a possible White House candidacy are “certainly reflected in this book.”

Cruz, a favorite among tea party activists who has battled with Democrats and members of his own party, also said he wants to counter the “caricatures” of the right as “stupid,” ”evil” or “crazy.”

“The image created in the mainstream media does not comply with the facts,” he said.

Ted Cruz can’t repeal Common Core

Sen. Ted Cruz has made “repeal Common Core” a rallying cry for his presidential campaign. But that raises a question his campaign is having trouble answering: what, exactly, would he repeal?

The standards were developed and voluntarily adopted by states, albeit with some heavy encouragement from Washington. There is no federal Common Core law to uproot.

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The problem with Senator Cruz is that he is a highly educated, smart man who repeatedly makes statements that he surely knows are false or mostly false just to appeal to the far right wing of the Republican Party – a crowd Cruz figures will not check his facts and will believe anything he says that attacks President Obama.  Cruz needs to understand that he will soon face intense media scrutiny on everything he says and, if he is the nominee, he will have to explain his willingness to deviate from the truth to a much more skeptical general population.

Ted Cruz 2.0?

Click here to read the complete opinion piece from The Huffington Post of March 20, 2015, which is quoted in part below.  This commentary is written by Peter Paskale, who is apparently not a fan of Ted Cruz.

Senate Vote

Cruz has one of the most distinctive speaking styles in Washington. No other senator can take solid facts and manipulate them with such panache. This mastery is what enables Cruz to make the outrageous sound credible.


A Ted Cruz argument is constructed in a specific way. Cruz will always start with facts that sound, on the surface at least, completely credible. He’ll then build out from those facts to construct his wider argument. Take this example from a 2014 speech to the Heritage Foundation:

Five years ago, our national debt was $10 trillion. Today it is over $17 trillion. It has grown some 60 percent in just five years. It took 43 presidents over 200 years to build $10 trillion in debt. It’s taken one president five years to grow it over 60 percent.

The fiscal evidence against Obama therefore sounds damning. Except — wait a minute — those carefully selected numbers conceal a false base-point, and that is inflation. By conveniently ignoring this elemental aspect of economics, Cruz can damn the president with a completely false case that somehow still sounds credible.

As a speech-making move, it’s utterly deliberate — an intent to deceive with a realistic chance of not being caught.

Ted Cruz Goes Full Orwell

Next summer, the GOP nominee will have to pivot and start appealing to the entire nation and not just the far right base of the party. Ted Cruz seems to be painting himself into a tea party corner that will be hard to sell to a general public. Watch this video and imagine what next Fall’s General Election would be like if it is Cruz vs. Hillary.

Click here to read the full March 19, 2015 article from quoted in part below:

In case you haven’t heard, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is not a fan of reality.

Earlier this week, Cruz went on Late Night With Seth Meyers, and they discussed the issue. What Cruz said, in its entirety, is what comes out of the south end of a north-facing bull.


But of all the bizarre nonsense Cruz said in that interview, what really got my teeth grinding was his comment about how it used to be called “global warming” but now we call it “climate change” because the evidence doesn’t support warming. That is at the level of weapons-grade irony. The idea to start calling it “climate change” came from a Republican strategist, in an effort to make it seem less threatening.

By saying that, Cruz has gone full Orwell: His own party made that change in phrase, but he’s accusing scientists of doing it.

Ted Cruz is a flat-out science denier. He’s unworthy of a leadership position, especially one that deals with science. Yet he’s chairman of the Senate subcommittee overseeing NASA, and he wants to run for president.

If there’s anything that can counteract global warming, it’s the chill in the air I feel from having to write that last paragraph.

Ted Cruz Plays to Sheldon Adelson on Israel and Iran

Ted Cruz can agree with the Israeli government position without being so untruthful about the position of the Obama administration.  The sub-headline to this story reads,”The Texas senator says he believes the Obama administration thinks it is “perfectly acceptable” for Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon.”   Obama spoke to AIPAC in 2012 and said very clearly that preventing Iran from developing a nuclear weapon is a national security interest of both Israel and the United States and that has been his position ever since.  Cruz can disagree with Obama’s negotiation tactics without lying about Obama’s basic position.  Pandering to the base or sucking up to powerful potential donors is not a reason to flat out lie, so shame on Senator Cruz once more.

Click here to read the full story of March 2, 2015 from BloombergPolitics, which I quote in part below:

Senator Ted Cruz is unabashed about his support for Israel and his contempt for Iran, and Monday he made sure that mega-donor Sheldon Adelson knows it.

A day before Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses a joint meeting of the U.S. Congress the Texas Republican was the only lawmaker to join Elie Wiesel, the Nobel Peace Prize-winning Holocaust survivor, in a Senate hearing room Monday for a panel discussion titled “The Meaning of Never Again: Guarding Against a Nuclear Iran.”

In the talk, which was moderated by American Orthodox Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, Cruz’s criticism of President Barack Obama was pointed and included a claim that the administration doesn’t really want to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

The only “natural” consequence of Obama’s efforts to negotiate with Iran, “is that Iran will have a nuclear weapon,” said Cruz, as casino and hotel magnate Adelson, who is Jewish, looked on from the audience.

“Those who are leading this negotiation fundamentally don’t understand who it is they are negotiating with,” Cruz said. “I think their view is it’s perfectly acceptable for Iran to have nuclear weapons, and they will be part of the rational community of nations.”