Seth Meyers mocks Ted Cruz to his face for scaring children and doubting science

Cruz debates climate change and the Constitution with Late Night host Seth Meyers.

Click here to watch part of Senator Cruz’s appearance on Late night.  Click here to read the full March 18, 2015 story from The Raw Story, which is quoted in part below.


[Seth] Meyers then asked [Ted Cruz] why he continued to fight same-sex marriage, when polls shows a growing majority of Americans favor the legal recognition of such unions.

“Listen, I’m a constitutionalist,” Cruz said. “For over 200 years, marriage has been a question for the states. Now personally, I believe in traditional marriage between one man and one woman. But if you want to change the marriage laws, the way to do it constitutionally is to convince your fellow citizens, go to the state legislature, and change it. It shouldn’t be the federal government or unelected judges imposing their own definition of marriage. We should, instead, respect our constitutional system.”

“You know, I read the constitution this morning,” Meyers said, “and I don’t know if you’re right on all that stuff.”

In 2016 Race, Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton are the Titans of Social Media

Ted Cruz can get the word out and he is winning the Twitter race for sure!

Click here to read the February 18, 2015 Wall Street Journal blog that is quoted in part below and which included this chart:

If name mentions on social media were a gauge of how well a candidate’s message was being received, the 2016 race would be a battle between Hillary Clinton and Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas).

On Twitter, Mr. Cruz is the most-mentioned potential presidential candidate. On Facebook  Mrs. Clinton wins. Both have significant leads over the other, according to data provided by the social networks.

Cruz on Twitter