Cruz Heavy on Border Rhetoric, Light on Trips

Senator Cruz’s Texas constituents have noticed he has not visited the Texas – Mexico border very often even though Cruz talks about the place all the time and represents one side of the border in Congress.

Click here to read the full March 14, 2015 story from the Texas Tribune, quoted in part below:

Republican U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz is well known for his fiery rhetoric around border security and his staunch support of tightening immigration laws messages he’s spreading across Iowa and New Hampshire as he considers a presidential bid.

Despite those calling cards, the state’s first Hispanic U.S. senator has only made three trips to communities along the Texas-Mexico border since taking office more than two years ago, his staff confirms. By comparison, Republican Sen. John Cornyn, the state’s senior senator, has made 13 trips to the border in the same time period, his office says.

Critics say it’s insincere for Cruz to rely on border security and immigration in his stump speeches — and benefit from them politically — without having spent more time on the border. Some officials in the region say that with more firsthand experience there, Cruz could develop better solutions for the problems that he decries in Washington.

Catherine Frazier, a spokeswoman for Cruz, said the senator has been hard at work in Congress keeping his promise to Texans to secure the border and promote legal immigration. He also has a regional director based in the Rio Grande Valley and is in regular communication with staff and local leaders there, she added.