A True Believer Explains: “The Very Best Reason Why Ted Cruz Should Be the 2016 Nominee”

Click here to read and see this guy’s reasons why Ted Cruz should be the GOP nominee.  He has video to support his argument and here is part of what he wrote at PJmedia.com:

If Republicans want to win the presidential elections next year, they’d better nominate a candidate who’s willing to take the fight to the criminal organization called the Democratic Party and their allies in the media.

Luckily, there are two candidates who are real warriors: Senator Ted Cruz and Governor Scott Walker.

The latter’s problem? He isn’t nearly charismatic enough to take on the Clintons in a national election — and yes, for now I’m going to assume Hillary will be the eventual Democratic nominee.

That’s why I support Ted Cruz for president. He’s as charismatic a warrior as they come. See, for instance, how he responded when attacked by Wolf Blitzer. The guy isn’t rattled easily and sticks to his guns, no matter what.

cruz on cnn

Ted Cruz, Superhero

This is an excerpt from an article in Reason.com.

From the folks who brought you We Shall Never Forget 9/11: The Kids’ Book of Freedom, comes Ted Saves America, a do-it-yourself encomium to likely GOP presidential contender Sen. Ted Cruz. The eight-page supplement is a follow-on to last year’s Ted Cruz to the Future, also published by Really Big Coloring Books, Inc., which featured Cruz surrounded by butterflies shooting finger guns at a (presumably grafted) tree with trunks labeled “U.S. Constitution” and “Ten Commandments.”

In this election-oriented update, the heroic Texas senator battles giant serpents representing the forces of “Obamacare,” “High Taxes,” “Illegal Immigration,” “Injustice,” and “Lawlessness” without even mussing his Reaganesque mini-pompadour. He also soars on the back of an eagle and gives a thumbs-up as he strides confidently across the White House lawn.


Sen. Ted Cruz Offers a Choice, Not an Echo

Click here to read the full opinion piece of February 3, 2015 in  Breitbart.com praising Ted Cruz for opposing the nomination of Loretta Lynch for Attorney General.

Cicero is old enough to have seen this show before. In fact, I am reminded of Phyllis Schafly’s famous book from 1964, A Choice, Not an Echo. In that work, Schlafly argued that an upper crust of elite “Republican kingmakers” had controlled the GOP since since the 1930s, nominating “me too” Republican candidates, all but one of whom lost—and none of whom were conservative. The result of this ideological straitjacketing, Schlafly continued, was that the American people were deprived of a true choice: All they saw on the ballot was a liberal Democrat and then an echo—that is, a liberal Republican.
As Schlafly put it, “The voters expect Republicans to be Republicans, and Democrats to be Democrats.” Her book, of course, was a vindication of the presidential candidacy of Sen. Barry Goldwater, the conservative insurgent who threatened to break the three-decade-long Establishment stranglehold on the GOP. And in fact, a few months after the Schlafly book was published, Goldwater secured the Republican nomination.
Yes, the Goldwater forces took over the Party on the basis of their willingness to buck the bipartisan Establishment. That is, the Goldwaterites wanted the voters to have a real choice—and they were the choice.
For example, the year before, the Arizona Senator had staked out a lonely stand against the Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty, which he viewed as dangerously weakening our nuclear deterrent. As Goldwater said on the floor of the Senate, “I do not vote against the hope of peace, but only against the illusion of it. I do not vote for war, but for the strength to prevent it.” And then he continued,
I have been told, as have others, I am sure, that to vote against this treaty is to commit political suicide. I will vote against this treaty because in my heart, mind, soul and conscience, I feel it detrimental to the strength of my country. If it means political suicide to vote for my country and against this treaty, then I commit it gladly. It is not my future that concerns me. It is my country—and what my conscience tells me is how best I may preserve it.
In September 1963, the Senate ratified the Test-Ban Treaty by a vote of 80 to 19. Goldwater, never afraid to be in the minority, was one of the 19.
And yet here’s something interesting: Ten months later, this lonely “no” vote was the Republican nominee for President. Goldwater lost the general election, of course, but he had made his mark: Indeed, his candidacy gave rise to the revitalized conservative movement that ultimately, in 1980, elected Ronald Reagan.
So now to today: In opposing Lynch’s nomination, Sen. Cruz is standing up for what he believes—in fact, for what the vast majority of Republicans believe. So tell me again: Why would any Republican Senator vote for her?
Yet yet can ask: What will the Republican kingmakers—to revive Schlafly’s term—think of Cruz now?
If recent history is any guide, elite Republicans—you know, the folks who gave us Mitt Romney—will join the Democrats in pounding Cruz. In other words, the Establishment GOP will be mostly echo Obama. Maybe not exactly, but close enough.
So will the Republican kingmakers triumph once again? Will the Republican grassroots meekly go along with the “wisdom” of the Establishment? Today, there’s no way to know the answer those questions: All we know is that Cruz, perhaps joined by others, is standing up and providing Republicans with a real choice. And as economists like to say, The only power we have in this world is the power of an alternative.