Ted Cruz’s ‘single biggest mistake’ in 2013 shutdown role

Ted Cruz does not regret his role in the 2013 government shutdown, he just wishes he had spent more time explaining his strategy to “elite opinion makers.”

Click here to read the full February 27, 2015 story from Politico (quoted in part below).

Ted Cruz said Friday that “the single biggest mistake” he made during the fight that led to a federal government shutdown in 2013 was not spending enough time explaining his strategy “to elite opinion makers.”

The Texas senator presented himself in an after-dinner speech at the Club for Growth’s annual meeting here as the most ideologically pure candidate in the 2016 Republican presidential field.

If he could relive those fateful weeks before the government in 2013, Cruz was asked after a stem-winder of a speech, would he pursue the same “take-no-prisoners” approach?

“By and large, yes,” he answered. “But I do think I made some mistakes. The single biggest mistake during the Obamacare defund find that I think I made was that I and our allies did not spend enough time explaining the specific strategy to elite opinion makers. There was confusion that made it less effective.”


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