Ted Cruz has high-profile, possibly very good upcoming week

Senator Cruz has several big opportunities to get national attention during the coming week.  I predict he will make good on all his chances to get his name and positions out to that small slice of the population likely to vote in a Republican presidential caucus or primary.

Click here to read the full February 20, 2015 story from McClatchy News quoted in part below:

— Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, is likely to draw the national spotlight next week with a legislative trifecta: a funding fight over the Department of Homeland Security, a vote for a new attorney general and a review on the future of NASA.

At the same time, Cruz will be hoping to make a splash among the Republican hard core for his possible 2016 presidential run by speaking and mingling Thursday at CPAC, the meeting of the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Cruz in prayer

Cruz, a neophyte politician elected in 2012, became a household name with his 21-hour floor speech leading up to 2013’s partial government shutdown. He seems poised to reprise his role as a shutdown cheerleader, supporting Republicans in the House of Representatives who have tied homeland security funding to rollbacks of President Barack Obama’s executive actions on immigration.

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