Ted Cruz’s office: New York Times op-ed mocked Hispanic identity

The office of Sen. Ted Cruz is ripping into The New York Times for a recent op-ed on Cuba, taking to the newspaper’s own pages to call it “saddening” and “unfortunate.”

“Your decision to allow an Op-Ed writer to openly mock a person’s ethnicity — as Ann Louise Bardach did when she wrote that Senator Ted Cruz ‘has been called as Hispanic “as Tom Cruise”’ — is saddening,” Amanda Carpenter, the Texas senator’s director of communications, wrote in a letter to the editor published Friday.


Bardach responded to Carpenter’s criticism by noting that the reference to Cruz was in quotations and “the quote was not the writer’s comment but that of Gilberto Hinojosa, the chairman of [the] Texas Democratic Party, and former Texas county judge.”

The comment, Bardach said, was made in October 2013 and first published in My San Antonio.

At the time, Hinojosa said:

“His last name may be Cruz, but there is nothing, not an ounce, about the way he thinks and the way he has led his life that in any way is similar to Hispanics in the state of Texas and all across America,” Hinojosa said. “Ted Cruz is as much Hispanic as Tom Cruise.”

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